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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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104-91 with gave five with lebanon scoring 40 who took a lead with seven minutes left but steph curry took over and leading with 37 points and seven 3's. the warriors are a win away from the first title in 40 years. >> confident not getting ahead of ourselves and the locker room, it was the same as after a regular season win and we know the sense of urgency. >> huge game. we started off well everyone played well and steph curry was fantastic in the 4th and everyone pitched in. it feels good to get the win. >> steph curry shows signs of dehydration and took fluids and watching game highlights. he is fine. he will lay tomorrow. >> we were above oracle arena as fans celebrated the wouldn't. some jumped up and down in joy
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and others started dancing as they left the oracle arena. >> the warriors are hosting a watch party for game six tomorrow at $15 with the fans get a rally towel and warriors cheer card. upper level seats were still available through ticket master and the proceeds benefit the warriors community foundation. >> >> the place to be in san francisco was the so may street food park with hundreds gathering to cheer on warriors handing out rally towels and "strength in numbers," as warriors took command in the 4th. we are the only place to catch the finals with coverage in cleveland starts tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. if we need game seven it will be back in oakland on friday at 5:30. >> stay with abc7 for coverage
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from cleveland. reporter wayne freedman will join us tomorrow and wednesday with reports from sports anchor mike shumann and lawyer anthony right here later in the day. >> a san francisco family is considering a lawsuit after a police officer shot and killed their family poet. here is the story of what happened. >> the officer was responding to a 9-1-1 call when the dog attacked him. this happened in san francisco's bayview neighborhood after can last night. two san francisco police officers responded to the house on oak detail avenue after getting a 9-1-1 call. they entered the property and found a pit bug. the family her the dog cowling and heard gunshots. this was the family pet named zoe and there was no emergency. a child was playing with the phone and accidentally called dispatch. the owners do not dispute animal
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bit the officer but they do not thing she had to be killed. >> i understand they were doing their job that is understandable but they did not give always chance to put her in safety and we did stay "stop," we will get her, they did not give us a chance. >> san francisco police say the officer was bitten several times and the officer shot the dog to stop the attack and prevent further injury. the police officer was taken to the hospital to be treated for the injuries. a thrill ride at great america remains closed after a accident that injured two people at the theme park. we have learned a park employee is in critical condition and a park gift injured his leg and finger. officials say an employee stepped into the path of the flight deck ride while retrieving a visitor cell phone on friday evening, the ride will remain close while regulators
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investigate. >> a southwest airlines pilot spotted something unusual and potentially dangerous while landing in oakland on saturday. a large drone was trying pretty close to the airport. sergio has the story. >> the crew of the southwest flight into oakland spotted the drove before though landed. >> it was a good sized drone between 2,000 and 3,000 feet with a red beacon on right side. >> in a statement by f.a.a. spokesman it was a big drone. the pilot of the 737 reported seeing an unmanned aircraft 5' long 2 thousand feet. >> it was too close to the airport which is the bigger issue. the rule say can you not fly a drone five miles of an airport. >> most drones are small but they can cause a lot of damage if the plane hits them. >> if you get it in the engine
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it could fail the engine and catastrophic. >> the sightings are happening more and more often an average of twice a day. the f.a.a. and drone operator associations recently launched a website called "know before you fly," with important drone flight information. according to the f.a.a. the oakland control tower staff called local police and we know officers were caused to this beach but no drone was found. >> the legislature is expected to approve $117 billion budget that governor brown does not support because it contains $749 million more than brown wants to spend. lawmakers are betting the economy will continue to grow and provide sacramento where more tax revenue. the governor has believed in more conservative spending. they need to pass the budget by midnight to continue getting paid. >> the administration is looking to add a provision to the budget to strengthen the small
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financially troubled water agencies by pairing them with their bigger and better funded cousins. the larger companies wrote absorb the smaller companies to improve access to safe drinking water. big water agencies and some cities oppose the idea appearing they -- fearing they will get stuck with the debt of smaller company. >> the pittsburg city council will approve a percent rate height for single family homes and penalties for excessive water use ranging from $25 to $1,000. the goal is to reduce use by on percent as required by the state under the drought. >> former florida governor bush will announce he is running for president in a new california pain video. he said he is his own man with no sign of his famous last name in the campaign logo. burn continues to struggle with make recognition. he also has not run for political office since 2002. bush is one of 11 republicans
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running for the nomination. >> d presidential hopeful hillary clinton will be hague a pitch to voters in iowa today and the state has been the first to hold the contest during primary sent. she is weighing in on the trade agreement that is pitting president obama against house democrats. she said anyone would be a tougher negotiator for the american worker than her. >> new the weather forecast in the brand new week. mike? >> it feels like spring again. morning, everyone a sharp drop over the weekend. we feel the effects when you step outside especially inland. remember when the lows were in the upper 50s to 60s and now mt. diablo is 70 so there is warmth lurking. mid-to-upper 50s everywhere but bodega bay at 49. half moon bay at 52 and cupertino is 57, and pinole and foster city at 53 and in san francisco, 55 degrees and the temperatures are cooler inland
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east bay and maybe a degree warmer in san jose and novato and santa rosa and barely noticeable. this is how it looks in san jose with the cloud cover spilling across 87 and not the fog from last week. inland east bay is the warmest with the sunshine first at 79 to 85, did not need the air conditioning today and will not need it today 59 to 65 at the coast. 65 to 75 around the bay into the south bay and north bay. the clouds are over sfo and welch what it. temperatures rebound the first warm wave tuesday and wednesday and we pull back on thursday with hot temperatures for father's day. leyla gulen has the commute. how is it going? >> morning, everyone, it is moving along fine with a problem in san jose as we look right new in the north bay 101 southbound cars are slowing nicely with cloud cover cross the golden gate bridge but no fog to get in our way. that is great for our drive and we will not need the low beams.
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in san jose we have the accident right on i-85 at camden a car went into a ditch with message crews headed out there. the drive time traffic 101 southbound from san francisco to san francisco international airport 11 minutes and from 238 to the macarthur maze, 14 minutes through oakland and 101 northbound from 85 to san jose airport is 11 minutes. >> thieves are at it again a local neighborhood where drivers are warned to watch their vehicles. stay tuned.
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>> covering novato, zoes sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:41. in napa construction begins to replace a bridge damaged by 4.1 earthquake last month. a footing on the cross road bridge over the napa river sank 2-4" pulling off old only bikes and pedestrians use the bridge. >> new reports of converters sold from cars in sonoma. 17 devices have been stolen in the past week, all in residential areas. most in the west ridge neighborhood near highway 101 and washington street and resold for the metals for around $100 but they can cost more than $4,000 to replace. the converter reduces pollution and is required to pass a car
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check. >> we have report of a warriors fan tricked into buying fake tickets to the nba finals. henry yu was shut out of game two but last night, his heartache turned to pure joy. >> "7 on your side" has the story. >> i took a chance with craigslist, my first time on craigslist. >> he paid $1,300 cash for the two politic coats and headed to oracle arena on the big day. >> i handed my ticket to the usher and he said they were counterfeit. henry was crushed. when my report aired offers came in including from the warriors organization. right before the game started i arranged a meeting between me, henry, and the warriors senior vice president of business development. >> how are you? >> i got tickets for you. that would be great.
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awesome. >> great great, awesome. thank you. my pleasure. we saw your story and this happens every game and not something we like but we saw yours and we wanted to take care of you. >> it was toughest thank you. >> good to meet you. >> the warriors were bummed to see this happen to henry and. >> this as a teachable moment so others are not ripped off. >> there are a lot of third party ticket sites and this is no way to guarantee you have an authentic ticket unless you go to where you can post the tickets for retail. any tick secret purchased there is 100 percent guaranteed. >> we followed henry in to make sure the tickets would scan. >> grateful to you forgetting me here for the game. thank you. including michael finney and yourself. >> we are also happy and remind
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henry he got a good deal because game two we lost and yesterday, much better. much better performance. worked out well. >> now, mike has the forecast. >> we will see what mother nature is performing for us today. how are the clouds? not needing umbrella. for rain. looking dry. now, the winds, they are busy already this morning and they are trying to get the early bird woman thing with 12 and livermore. look through the delta back to san pablo bay and northern part of san francisco bay and north of the bay bridge we have a small craft advisory through 9:00 tomorrow afternoon or evening so we will have the stiff winds around for quite a while and they are along the coast just about the same timeframe that means temperatures are going to be below average at least the next 24-48 hours. here is a look at the cloud
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cover, against the coast and still spilling across half of the bay. that is going to lead to below average temperatures again. we will start in the south bay and see what is in store. we have mid-to-upper 70s for most of the bay and we will get near 80 in los gatos gilroy and morgan hill at 82 and only 69 in santa cruz if you are headed to the boardwalk and low-to-mid 70s for most of the peninsula and not the 90's we had last week. 68 in millbrae, a cool spot, and because of the cloud cover, and the brings along the coast a brisk day with temperatures in the upper 50s on the peninsula coach and more sunshine means mid-60s in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and mid-60s at bodega bay and low-to-mid 70s in the valleys and money 80s in lake port and cloverdale but that is the exception. look at green, it usually means 60-degree temperatures.
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newark and castro valley in the low-to-mid 70s and we do not see the hot red inland but we have warm oranges out highway 4 with low-to-mid 80s and the rest of us are in the upper 70s to let 80s. tonight, it will be cool this morning so if you expect low-to-mid 70's again like last night. wednesday, we are going do have a limit bit of a push of warm weather and it will pull back on thursday and look for father's day weekend, temperatures are going to be the hottest. have a great day. leyla? >> in time for father's day. >> as we look right new at san jose 280, making the drive away from 880 headlights in the northbound direction toward cupertino and if you notice there are flashing lights and a stalled vehicle on right-hand side of the scene on the transition between southbound 280 to northbound 880 so watch out for that and c.h.p. has not arrived yet so be careful. we will head over to the
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caldecott tunnel and at westbound highway 24 there is a mattress in the lane and someone reported that condition has not gotten out there and it is going to impede the route with delays through orinda and folks are slowing down. the rest of the drive has green conditions along i-80 through berkeley and 880, 580 through oakland no problems there. dry time traffic is building over the altamont pass westbound 580 tracy to dublin is 32 minutes and 680 is clear and highway 85 in the northbound direction is only six minutes. >> 4:48 the youtube is launching a new website entirely dedicated to gaming. >> here is the tech bytes. >> in the tech bytes google challenges amazon, again, which owns youtube is introducing the youtube gaming app going head to head with amazon live gaming site. they will have live streaming. it launches this summer. >> the day that video gamers
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wait all year, the start of 9 electronic expo in los angeles. virtue reality is the big story with demonstrations expected from sony microsoft and facebook company. >> do not wait to get your child a tablet. british researches say babies should be given tablets as soon as they are been. the small computers engage and provide more stimulation than books. >> other researchers disagree saying this hurts social >> the device that could have thousands of airline passengers sleeping easier because of a teen. >> tired of maneuvering the bay area traffic the exterminator will help you get on the
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>> game 5 of the nba finals is change the lives of two fans before the start of the 4th a man asked his girlfriend, will you marry me? she said "yes," and splashed the new ring for the child to see. congratulations of the happy to share with all the fans. >> noise ring. good job, buddy. >> the stars come out at the championship game and usher was courtside with the if seats at oracle arena for game a. professional boxer floyd mayweather flew in to see the dubs and probably paid cash. that is his way. and there is no doubt who mc hammer was rooting for an oakland native, with a couple of selfies, all decked out in warriors gear. >> starting today, you can hear familiar voice helping you navigate bay area traffic. >> i need to
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boots and motorcycle. >> thank you is arnold schwarzenegger in a new voice option with his "terminator," voice which is forming a partnership with the studios and using this to promote "exterminator," that were ons in the theaters july 1 with standard turn left but a few others including hasta vista, baby! >> when he said "turn left," i feel like i have to do it "or else." >> or else! >> now, meteorologist mike nicco will put open his best voice. >> maybe. >> mariners are in town taking on the giants and maybe our for are tunes will containing. the temperatures will not at
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at&t. we start at 59 and dropping to 56 a little breezy. partly cloudy. the excessive heat moved out around palm springs and is hot tomorrow through friday. if you head that way be careful. temperature is 112 today with 101 in fresno and 94 in fresno clouds and 93 in monterey and 81 in lake tahoe. i am working on a remain aing trend for us. "i'll be baaack," with that. >> using the ways ways maybe arnold isen watching you we have a vehicle stopped on the road which is because of our we have a stalled vehicle here if you coming off of the bay bridge be careful headed into san francisco. we do have an accident and it was reported that a dear could have caused it southbound 85 not fining they delays and no lanes are currently blocked at this hour and antioch to hercules is
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29 minutes and from 4 to the maze is 17 minutes and from 85 to the san jose airport is seven minutes. >> starting today the great highway will be closed for the yearly clean up and you cannot drive on the southbound lanes between lincoln way up to five days with 5000 cubic yards of sand being removed keeping the san from blow on the highway on windy days. >> two teens are listed in good condition after each lost a limb on separate shark attacks a 12-year old lost part of an arm and maybe need her left level amputated of the an hour later a 16-year-old was attacked two miles away and he lost part of an arm. police do not know if there is a swarm of sharks. the beeps are open and swimmers are still allowed in the water. >> the none of people killed by commerce has risen to 16 in south korea but the virus is not
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spreading. official are putting on protective gear to help disinfect the public buses because of the mess mers. it can cause kidney failure. >> a science fair winner has a device that cuts viruses from spreading on the we planes. look at what happens when a passenger sneaks on the airplane with the airflow device. the video was previoused on youtube and the teen tells npr the device can improve the availability of fresh air in the cabin by 190 percent. the invention won the 11th grader $75,000 at the intel international science and engineering fair. >> the issue of pesticide use near the schools is triggering a response from california regulators with the first statewide restriction on using weed killers near schools.
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california has no comprehensive restraints on pesticide use near schools. growers say the restrictions cost them money and they have to pass that along to consumers. >> the first spacecraft to land on a comet has broken up. it worked for 60 hours before the battery ran out. the comet has moved closer to the sun and contacted theth for 85 seconds yesterday with delays carrying large amounts of data to give scientist as look at how the comet changes moving through the universe. >> the mvp gets job done in oakland with the warriors a win away from the team's first nba championship in 40 years. >> the court ruling expected if hours that could change how california cities create affordable husbanding.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00 a.m. on monday morning, and don't you feel all tingly from last night? it was great win for the warriors. >> good morning, everyone, i am eric thomas. >> all excited. leyla gulen is here and meteorologist mike nicco kids are out of the school. how is the weather? >> up late. so were we but for different reasons. we texted "we going to bed," but we are happy to be tired. >> i was tweeted.


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